Orbital Sander

GSS 160-1 A Professional

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Robust clamping system for fatigue-free sanding over many hours
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Technical Data

The most important data

Battery and power

Rated input power
180 W

Performance data

No-load speed
No-load orbital stroke rate
Oscillating circuit diameter
12.000 rpm
24.000 opm
1,6 mm

Size and weight

Tool dimensions (width)
Tool dimensions (length)
Tool dimensions (height)
1,2 kg
110 mm
270 mm
143 mm

Sanding Surface

Sanding plate, width
Sanding plate, length
Sanding sheet with hook-and-loop fastening, width
Sanding sheet with hook-and-loop fastening, length
80 mm
130 mm
80 mm
133 mm
Noise/vibration information

Measured values determined according to EN 60745. Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

Sanding panel materials

Vibration emission value ah
Uncertainty K
5,0 m/s²
1,5 m/s²


Vibration emission value ah
Sound pressure level
Sound power level
Uncertainty K
5 m/s²
76 dB(A)
80 dB(A)
3 dB
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Product highlights

Robust clamping system for fatigue-free sanding over many hours
  • Well-designed clamping system – strong, durable, easy to operate and easy to replace
  • Strong felt pad with metal sheet for longer lifetime, less vibration and easy replacement
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free use
  • Durable vibration foot, bearing system for many hours of sanding
  • Dust protection switch helps extend tool lifetime

Price & Scope of Delivery

with accessory set, (Voltage 240 V)
Part number: 06012A2270920

Selected variation

This product includes:
1 x sanding sheet C470, Best for Wood + Paint, 120 (available separately as set of 10: 2 608 607 232)
Base plate, 80 x 130 mm (2 608 601 447) with sanding plate
2 608 601 444
Dust box (2 605 411 240) incl. Microfilter
2 605 411 241
Voltage 240 V

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User manual

Download the user manual for the GSS 160-1 A Professional (PDF 7 MB)

Product data sheet

Download the product data sheet for the GSS 160-1 A Professional

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