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Orbital Sander GSS 140-1 A Professional

Robust clamping system for fatigue-free sanding over many hours

Rated power input180 W
Sanding plate, width113 mm
Sanding plate, length101 mm

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Part number

1 x sanding sheet C470, Best for Wood + Paint, 120 (available separately as set of 10: 2 608 607 458)

Base plate, 113 x 101 mm (2 608 601 446) with sanding plate

2 608 601 443

Cardboard box

Dust box (2 605 411 240) incl. Microfilter

2 605 411 241

Hole punch

2 608 190 059

Sanding paper 120 K

Voltage 110 V

Voltage 240 V



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0 601 2A2 160

0 601 2A2 170



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Technical data

The most important data

Here you will find the most important technical data for your professional Bosch tool at a glance!

Battery and power

Rated power input 180 W
Power output 180 W

Performance data

No-load speed 12.000 rpm
No-load orbital stroke rate 24.000 opm
Oscillating circuit diameter 1,6 mm

Size and weight

Weight 1,2 kg
Length 250,0 mm
Width 110,0 mm
Height 143,0 mm

Sanding Surface

Sanding plate, width 113 mm
Sanding plate, length 101 mm
Sanding surface 114 cm²
Sanding sheet for clamping, width 115 mm
Sanding sheet for clamping, length 140 mm
Sanding sheet with Velcro-type fastening, width 115 mm
Sanding sheet with Velcro-type fastening, length 107 mm

Noise/vibration information

Measured values determined according to EN 60745. Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

Sanding panel materials
Vibration emission value ah 5,0 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1,5 m/s²
Vibration emission value ah 5 m/s²
Sound pressure level 76 dB(A)
Sound power level 80 dB(A)
Uncertainty K 3 dB

Product highlights

Robust clamping system for fatigue-free sanding over many hours

  • Durable vibration foot, bearing system for many hours of sanding
  • Dust protection switch helps extend tool lifetime
  • Bosch optimised transparent dust box with microfilter for better view and easy cleaning
  • Well-designed clamping system – strong, durable, easy to operate and easy to replace
  • Strong felt pad with metal sheet for longer lifetime, less vibration and easy replacement
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free use


Input_power_180 GrindingplateGSS115x140mm-189632 GrindingplateGSS115x107mm-189270 GSS_FO_Oscillating_cA4E93E HDicon_1 Microfilter_GAS_10,8V-167396 Dust_extraction_o_Bez Velcro_fastening_neutral


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