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Optical Level GOL 20 D Professional

Robust and reliable – ideal for outdoor use

Unit of measure360 degrees
Magnification20 x
Accuracy3 mm at 30 m

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Part number

Adjusting pin

Allen key

BT 160 Professional tripod

0 601 091 200

Carrying case

1 600 A00 0LF

GR 500 levelling staff

0 601 094 300

Lens cover

Plumb bob



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Technical data

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Performance data

Unit of measure 360 degrees
Magnification 20 x
Accuracy 3 mm at 30 m
Working range up to 60 m
Dust and splash protection IP 54
Operating temperature -10 – 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 70 °C

Size and weight

Weight, approx. 1.5 kg

Product highlights

Robust and reliable – ideal for outdoor use

  • Target collimator for rough alignment
  • Penta prism makes it easy to read the circular vial
  • Erect image
  • Large focusing knob for easy alignment
  • Fast aperture for a sharp image of the target (measuring rod)
  • Endless degree/angle setting using knobs with friction-braked rotation
  • Ideal for outdoor use due to a robust housing with dust and splash protection (IP54)
  • Fast aperture for excellent staff reading
  • Compensator lock for safe transport


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