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Battery Pack GBA 12V 2.5Ah W Wireless Charging Professional

World’s first: Wireless Charging battery

Battery voltage12 V
Battery capacity2,5 Ah

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1 x battery GBA 12V 2.5Ah W

1 600 A00 J0E



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1 600 A00 J0E

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Technical data

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Battery and power

Battery voltage 12 V
Battery capacity 2,5 Ah

Size and weight

Variable (LxWxH) 102x82x108 mm
Weight 420 g

Product highlights

World’s first: Wireless Charging battery

  • Compatible with professional Bosch cordless tools in the 12 volt class
  • Charges with all stationary and mobile “Wireless Charging” chargers
  • Innovative “Wireless Charging” technology enables you to work without interruption


Li-IonTechLogo WirelessChargingSystem Volt_12_blue Fast_charging_1830i_45min-211503 Flexible_Power_System-167393 Bosch_BI_Icon_10.8-12VCompatible

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