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Wire Brushes for Drills

Wire Cup Brushes, Nylon Bristle

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Product Highlights

Wire Brushes for Drills

Wire Cup Brush provides a good fine finish on various materials without damaging the surface
  • Aluminium oxide K80-coated nylon bristles adapt perfectly to workpiece's contours
  • Consistent material removal due to the abrasive coating’s continuous release of abrasive grain with use
  • Removing rust/paint on small to medium surfaces; smoothing, mat sanding, cleaning metal/PVC/wood, texturing wood
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Product Description

The Wire Cup Brush provides a good fine finish on various materials without damaging the surface. It is fitted with aluminium oxide K80-coated nylon bristles that adapt perfectly to the workpiece's contours. Consistent material removal is ensured as the abrasive coating continuously releases abrasive grain with use. This Wire Cup Brush is suitable for cleaning work such as removing rust on small to medium metal surfaces. It is also suitable for removing paint, smoothing, mat sanding and cleaning metal, PVC and wood. Moreover, it can be used for texturing wood. It is intended for use with drills with a 6-mm shank.

Brush wires are available in different thicknesses for variable levels of abrasive needs. Thicker wires are more aggressive, producing a coarser yet faster surface finish, while thinner wires deliver finer, smoother surface results.

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