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SDS plus Tile Chisels

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SDS plus Tile Chisel delivers clean and fast removal of wall and floor tiles

Product Highlights


SDS plus Tile Chisel delivers clean and fast removal of wall and floor tiles
  • Self-sharpening spade body retains uniform thickness throughout its lifetime for consistently high removal rates
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Product Description

The SDS plus Tile Chisel delivers a clean and fast removal of wall and floor tiles. Its self-sharpening flat design and angled cutting edge provide excellent positioning for work in small joints and for easily gaining access to the area underneath the tiles for efficient removal without breakage. It is compatible with an SDS-plus chisel attachment or it can be used directly in SDS plus hammers with a rotation stop.

SDS plus Tile Chisel has an angled cutting edge and self-sharpening design that offers a long life with a 30%-higher material removal rate than standard chisels.

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User manual

Download the Leaflet for the SDS plus Tile Chisels (PDF 1 MB)