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Drill & Screwdriver Bit Sets

Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Sets, 35-Piece

With HSS Twist Drill Bits

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Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set is highly robust

Product Highlights

Drill & Screwdriver Bit Sets

Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set is highly robust
  • Screwdriver bits: extended torsion zone, S2 Modified Steel, optimised heat-treatment process for long-lasting work
  • Drill bits: oxide-coated flute, precision-ground from solid metal, excellent surface quality for reduced wear
  • Included set assortment is easily removable and replaceable with alternatively purchased bit packs for content variation
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Product Description

The Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set, 35-Piece, is highly robust for heavy-duty applications. The screwdriver bits feature an extended torsion zone that makes them extremely sturdy for long-lasting work, even withstanding the high power of impact drivers. S2 Modified Steel and an optimised heat-treatment process provide extra-tough endurance for high performance, including in plant installations or heavy industrial work. Furthermore, the Impact Control HSS Twist Drill Bits offer highly robust drilling in metal, especially with impact drivers. Equipped with an oxide-coated flute and precision-ground from solid metal, they have an excellent surface quality for slicing through steel, metal and iron with reduced wear. The bits have a 1/4-inch external hex shank. All bits have a 1/4-inch external hex shank for use with drill drivers, screwdrivers and especially with impact drivers.

This set provides the option to easily remove and replace packs of the included assortment with alternatively purchased bit packs for the variation of customised set contents. New bit packs can be easily clicked into the set.

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