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Sanding & Polishing

AVZ 93 G

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Product Highlights

Sanding & Polishing

Starlock AVZ 93 G sanding plate provides comfortable kickback-free sanding in corners
  • Flexible corners and optimised plate shore hardness prevents wear or fusion
  • Plate’s Velcro-type fastening system makes for easy sheet changes with a variety of sanding paper options
  • High material removal with dust-free and build-up-free work due to plate’s extraction holes
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Product Description

The Starlock AVZ 93 G sanding plate provides comfortable kickback-free sanding in corners. Its unique design features flexible corners and optimised plate shore hardness, preventing wearing or fusion of the velour and sheets. It features a Velcro-type fastening system and velour for easy sheet changes, allowing for the use of a wide range of delta sanding papers. The special extraction holes are designed for a dust-free and build-up-free high removal rate. Its various sheet sets and polishing pads make it ideal for sanding down, conditioning and polishing wood, paint, varnish and fibre-reinforced composites. All Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as common multi-tools are compatible with the blade.

The delta or triangle design allows this sander plate to reach into tight or difficult spaces such as corners. The mounting system produces the highest power transfer due to a 3-dimensional tight-fitting connection between machine and accessory.

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