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Cutting & Sawing

AIZ 32 BSPB Blades for Multi-Tools

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Product Highlights

Cutting & Sawing

Starlock AIZ 32 BSPB blade offers long life when cutting in hardwood
  • BIM combination of an HCS blade and HSS teeth resists wear and heat to ensure lifetime use
  • 3-dimensional Japanese tooth configuration minimises heat development and increases durability
  • Rounded cutting edge (Curved-Tec) increases durability by preventing tooth breakage
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Product Description

The Starlock AIZ 32 BSPB blade offers long life in hardwood. It has a robust BIM (bi-metal) combination of an HCS (high carbon steel) blade and HSS (high-speed steel) teeth to resist wear and heat and ensure lifetime use. The 3-dimensional Japanese tooth configuration of sharp ground teeth on the blade’s edge is ideal for hardwood. This tooth arrangement minimises heat development, preventing overheating and increasing durability. The blade’s rounded cutting edge (Curved-Tec) increases durability by preventing tooth breakage. This product is intended for plunge cutting in laminated panels or hardwood, for cutting recesses in furniture components and for flush cutting wooden components. Use this product with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as common multi-tools.

The Starlock Snap-In mounting system allows fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. The mounting system produces the highest power transfer thanks to a 3-dimensional tight-fitting connection between machine and accessory.

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User manual

Download the Leaflet for the AIZ 32 BSPB Blades for Multi-Tools (PDF 3 MB)