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Accessories for Cordless Working

3.6 V Straight-Shape Li-Ion Battery Packs ECP

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Product Highlights

Accessories for Cordless Working

Straight-Shape Li-Ion Battery Pack ECP offers power without a memory or lazy battery effect
  • ECP feature automatically reduces the power output in the case of overload, deep discharge or overheating
  • No memory effect, the battery can be conveniently charged regardless of whether it is three-fourths or half-empty
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Product Description

The Straight-Shape Li-Ion Battery Pack ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) offers power without a memory or lazy battery effect. The ECP allows the cells in the battery to be monitored electronically so that the power output of the tool will be automatically reduced in case of an overload, deep discharge or overheating. This battery is suitable for easy, light-duty work in DIY and professional applications. It is compatible with all Bosch 3.6 V cordless power tools with a straight-shape battery interface.

The Straight-Shape Li-Ion Battery Pack ECP is only appropriate for Li-Ion tools from the DIY range in the same voltage class.

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